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Best Bottled Water

What exactly should you look for when determining the best bottled water? Most bottled water review sites focus on the source (spring, well, tap, etc) of the bottled water as well as water analysis’s. According to many consumers, Perfect Water is one of the most pure, refreshing, best tasting bottled water brands on the market today. This water is purified, ionized, re-mineralized to incorporate important minerals essential for proper body function and, finally, micro structured to guarantee optimal hydration throughout your body.

What Is The Best Bottled Water

The best bottled water is simply one that tastes the best and is offered at the most affordable price. With Americans spending over $11 Billion on bottled water in 2006 alone, new bottled water brands are popping up all over the place to get a piece of this billion dollar industry. In a 2007 article for Women's Health Magazine, three wine experts were asked to evaluate the taste of several popular premium bottled water brands. Taking first place was VOSS bottled water, scoring an average of 94/100. Following in second and third were Poland Spring bottled water and Evian bottled water, scoring 82 and 70 respectively.

A typical bottled water analysis will contain the following:

WATER ANALYSIS (mg/l), TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH Factor, Calcium, Chlorides, Bicarbonate, Hardness, Magnesium, Nitrate/Potassium/Sodium/Sulphates. One thing is certain; with so many Americans chronically dehydrated... we need to be DRINKING MORE bottled water! Try perfect water today!


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